Saturday, February 14, 2009

The beginning of February break!

For Kara. These are the screens I was telling you about. They are both identical but I wanted to show how they attach to the headrest of the front seats. They can work either independently or together (which is how we do it), that way one movie shows on both screens. This is by far the best thing we ever bought, and makes the long rides to the city that much easier on the kids.

Notice the site that Joey is on. At this point, he is asking me for "numbers". This kid is just to damn smart. I'll be in big trouble the day he figures out what the numbers are.

This has been the house of the sick this week, starting last Sunday with Joe. He was up all night sick and it has been on and off all week. I missed 2.5 days of work this week home with him, and even had him at the clinic on Friday. The only thing he was able to keep down was PowerAde, which we bought a lot of this week. We had his electrolytes checked on Friday, and he went through the blood test like a trooper. He seems to be finally on the mend and has been eating the past 2 days. For more pictures of the boys, click HERE and HERE.


Megan said...

Love the shirt. He is so fashionable!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Thanks for that picture Tina! I am going to look for that when we are in WH next.

OHN said...

If only Colby's t-shirt were a mens XL...I would totally come up there and steal if from him!

Looks like he is feeling better :)

Tina said...

Chris that is an actual street in Yellowknife. Megan sent two of them for the boys. Joey wears his as a nightshirt. :)

Mom/Nanny said...

Glad the boys are feeling better.It has been a rough week for you Tina.I'm glad you didn't get it.My eye is very painful today.I have been up all night. Going back to bed.