Monday, May 30, 2005

Today should be the day!

I was talking to Adam last night. I guess Genevieve had 2 treatments of the gel yesterday and then they sent her home last night. I must admit, I'm surprised that they let her go home. But, I guess if she goes / went into labour last night she'd go right back. If not, she'd at least be able to sleep in her own bed. Adam sounds so excited. I'm really happy for them. Life is about to take a huge change for them. I went to a couple yard sales yesterday and found another booster seat for Colby. It was a great find because it was starting to rain and I got it for 5.00. It's in amazing shape. So, all I need to do is find 1 more for mom and dad's car and we're totally out finished with car seats. I am going to take 1 of ours and donate it to the yard sale we're having at work, and Sandra is going to take the other one for her aunt. Sandra and I registered the kids for pre-school this morning. It's an amazing place. It seems very structured, and it even has a gym program. Colby really seemed to like it. He starts September 6. At least going into this he will know at least 2 kids as Sandra's twins are in the same class. So, on that morning when we drop them off Sandra and I can go cry together.


Anonymous said...

We recieved a stronger dose of gel this morning, and we're going back tonight to see if there is any progress. Nothing yet. We want to check with her before committing to a name.


Tina said...

What the hell is CL?