Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Baby Read's Big Day

Will she appear today? I honestly have my doubts, but for her mommy's sake, I am praying that she decides to show up when she is suppose to. If all else fails Genevieve, Rob said we have a heavy duty plunger and he's offering to help. He's off today and in 5 hours he could be there! I had my first day of my new job yesterday and I love it. I am working with a good bunch of people. The only disadvantage that I see so far is that it is business casual, so I can't wear my jeans and ball hat anymore. But, the pros definately outweigh the cons. I found out something very interesting last night that made me feel really good about this job. There were over 100 people that applied, 35 people interviewed, and only 3 hired! The other 2 people hired were floor support, and me. Not one person from customer care was hired. So, that means I beat out 32 other people for this job! YEAH FOR ME.

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