Saturday, May 14, 2005

Yardsale Saturday!

I love to go to yard sales on Saturday mornings. This morning was a great deal. I spent a total of 17.00 and I bought 5 pairs of shoes / sandals for Colby, a Spider man pull over, a new x-large mug for me (for hot chocolate), the book Where the Heart Is, a complete Fisher Price Golf set for Colby (the pieces fill a garbage bag), and, as you can see, a table top hockey game (which Poppy b0ught for him). He loves it as you can see! There are also other things that I bought but right now I can't remember. Mom came over to help me give my kitchen floor a good clean and she ended up helping me clean the entire house. My mom is amazing. My house has never been so clean. So, the days are very numbered for Baby Read, who I assume at this point still does not have a first name. Any suggestions? My top suggestions are: Faith, Meghan, Ashleigh, Victoria, Shelby, Abagail. I'll keep adding as I think of them. PICK A NAME DAMMIT!


Tawny said...

You're Mom is amazing, and not just cause she helped you clean your house :).

And those photos of Colby and his granddad are great - especially the one where he scores :).

Anonymous said...

9 days to go till due date and still no name. We will wait till we see her.