Sunday, May 15, 2005


We went to Shubie Wild Life park today with Joel and Jayme and their little girl Abbie, and Joel's brother Reg, his wife Charmaine and their 3 kids. Reg is Big Reg from Taking It Off, if anyone has seen it. He really is a good guy. We had a lot of fun. Reg had his kids convinced that there was an exotic animal called the Fluffalo, a cross between a buffalo and something else. It was hilarious. For every picture they took, they yelled FLUFFALO! He is a great story teller. We went to a little place in Truro for lunch called Murphy's Fish & Chips. It was the best fish I have had since Betty's on Torbay Road in NL. It's worth the drive to Truro. I took almost 2 rolls of pics, which I will of course have back tomorrow. Reg took some with his camera which is digital so I'm hoping he will email me them back later tonight. We also had our 1st interactive session if you will with the Greyhound Society. We met Dick Waller and his wife tonight with their 2 greys. They are beautiful animals. Some things I learned that I didn't know. You have to leash them always outdoors, regardless of how long you have them, which makes sense. And they will not cross barriers. He said you could hang a string between 2 doorways and the dogs would not jump over it or go under it. Good to know. I must admit, I'm quite excited. We are hoping to get the dog for when we're on vacation in August. That way, we can spend the entire week home with him together. We have decided we want a male, though I can tell you there's enough testerone in this house as it is! Now that I thik of it, it may be nice to have a female so peeing would be "squat, not mark every tree in the neighbourhood". We'll see. She made a very good point as soon as we walked in. She said you have to be very careful opening the door when people walk in. She said a door bell and then an open door looks like a starting gate and the dog will naturally try to run out. And if it runs, I'll never catch it that's for damn sure!

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I thought you were coming here on your vacation. Please tell me that your still coming.