Tuesday, May 24, 2005

One day to go!

Little Baby Read is due tomorrow, and her mommy is very antsy. I called Genevieve today for something totally un-baby related and the first words she said when she answered was "Hi, no baby yet". I remember those final few days, when the phone kept ringing and all you wanted to do was pull the damn thing out of the wall. I know that when she finally does decided to come out, we'll be near the top of the list for the phone call. AT ANY TIME OF DAY OR NIGHT ADAM. Even at 3am if that is when she decides to make her grand appearance. There are advantages of working in the profession I do. I called Rogers Wireless today because Rob hates his cell phone. I said the few "key" words that reps are trained to recognize "I want to cancel, when is my contract end date" known as "red flags" and was promptly transferred to "Customer Relations", otherwise known as the retention deparment. All providers have some form of this department, and since I have worked in that department I know what they are looking for. Yes, shameful I know, but effective. At the end of the call, Rob and I are both getting new Motorolla V220 Camera Phones, paying only for 1 of them. hehehe. We also went out last night and bought "Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies". It is a very interesting book. It looks like we may very well have "Koda" in June. I'll keep ya posted. Rob and Colby are going to drive me nuts until we get him, and truth be told I'm getting excited too.


Anonymous said...

Did you get that chip in Rob's phone, so you can track his whereabouts on-line?

Rob said...

Well, I can only assume you left that msg BRAD but my wife trusts me! Besides, I know how to remove it! And in response to the blog, I am not going to drive Tina nuts, she was the one who INSISTED we buy the book last night.

Anonymous said...

Hold on there Robbie, why must you ass-u-me?