Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Goodbye crickets!

In all the chaos in this house over the past couple of weeks I totally forgot to blog about mother's day. Rob and Colby made me a mother's day card of DeeDee Doodle. If you don't have a small child in your house, you do not know who she is. If you do or you have been to my house in the mornings, you're rolling your eyes. It's cute though. Colby signed his name. It's almost readable. He has an imaginary friend, well 2 actually. One is Deedee, but I don't consider her imaginary as she is a character on one of his favorite shows. His other friend is "Buddy", or more specifically, when he talks he talks about playing with his buddy. He plays basketball with his buddy, and more recently his buddy has been getting him in trouble. Today he was half in - half out of the computer chair (arms and upper torso through the side of the chair so his hands were on the floor, and his legs and feet on the chair) and he said that his buddy got him stuck there. I still haven't heard anything about Quality yet, though I did have an interview a week ago. I'm still hoping because my understanding is that they have not hired anyone yet. Kassie came last night and took the beardie tank, so I'm animal free except for the fish and Rob! It's nice not to hear the damn crickets!

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