Saturday, May 28, 2005

Less than 24 hours!

If Genevieve doesn't have the baby tonight on her own, they're going in to be induced tomorrow. So I pray that her labor will go quickly and the induction works the first time. So she should be born either tomorrow or Monday! I want to drive up there so bad but obviously that's not possible or a smart idea, with the amount of people that will soon be there. Her mom is coming up for a month I believe after she is born to help Genevieve adjust and if all goes well I'm hoping to go up in June, depending on who is there and if my vacation will still be then. Now that I'm in the new department I have to see if my vacation conflicts with anyone else's. I told my new boss that it's necessary for me to have the week in August as Rob also has that week and it's the week after the wedding. If we don't make it to NB in June I definitely want to go in August. The other thing we need to factor in is Koda. It all depends on when we can get him. We're waiting for the call for the 2nd interview where they come to the house. Rob is very anxious, as he wants to start pricing / buying food and he is also in the process of planning / building a kennel for him. Most greyhounds tend to get sores on their elbows / knees from the rubbing up against the kennel, so Rob is building one and I'd like to put padding in it so it will be more comfortable. We should only have to use it for the first week or so until he gets used to the house, then he can sleep in his own room. The kennel is going to be designed so that it will be collapsible, so we can take it apart for storage and to get it through the doors. The first week or so he'll be sleeping in our room so we need something that not only will fit beside the bed but be able to be assembled and disassembled in the room. Just like having a child all over again!

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